Joomla! came back to HostingCon Global for the 2nd appearance along with higher expectations. In the past year, they made the first appearance at HostingCon Global and HostingCon Europe and found out just how essential it will be for Joomla to venture to these kinds of events.

The target of the event for this venture would be to develop new collaborations and gain sponsors, and also outreach, to boost the online presence and web hosting community.

The day started with a press release regarding Joomla’s 80 Million Downloads Milestone as well as the future of Joomla which was acquired by more than 210 marketing channels, such as Yahoo, Seeking Alpha, and MarketWatch, and much more.

The Expo Hall opened up on Wednesday having a constant number of traffic in the Joomla booth. You need to know Joomla was the sole CMS to have an Expo booth this current year. They talk about Hosting, Security, and Services companies discuss the newest news as well as the future of Joomla. Participants were fired up to hear regarding the approaching latest features and also the regular security and consumer experience updates.

Through a geography viewpoint, it was the ideal place to be at HostingCon, the booth location faced the friends at and was alongside some other friends and partners, and also the lecture hall. The standout location enabled great networking along with Google, GoDaddy, and ClearDB, and much more. The information and questions coming from booth visitors were considerate and congratulatory. Joomla provided on a professional presence in a top level event, an excellent representation of the new board.

The same as the last HostingCon Global experiences, happy users of Joomla met each other that sang the praises of Joomla and were jubilant to see all of us. There are also a great number of Joomla users who haven’t followed the community or updates ever since Joomla 2.5 and even 1.5! This raises one significant problem we have to deal with: Joomla still is a relative unknown around North America. How can we manage users of Joomla to return and visit again the Joomla and also introduce yourself to a region? The majority of the attendees which had used Joomla and moved on to a different platform did agree with the fact that it had been many years since they utilized Joomla (version 1.5 or perhaps 1.0) and they must sign in and see what is new with Joomla 3 as well as the approaching Joomla 4 launch. They were pleased to share the most recent news and hope they'll give Joomla one more look.

Thursday was a little slower within the Expo Hall, however, this provided sufficient time to present one-on-one demos of Joomla and to follow-up with the big list of possible partners. The co-conference, Data World, centered on hardware and supplies for data centers made their way to the booth and everyone was very happy to find that a number of Data World participants had picked Joomla for their site.

In general, they had an active and productive event taking over lots of one-on-one meetings. Although the event was a little slower this present year, they had more of their time to interact participants with meaningful discussions.