If you have a Joomla website, it is important for you to add as many extensions as you can to get the most out of your site. With all of the options that are currently available, it can be hard to figure out which ones have the best benefit. Instead of scratching your head and stumbling around in confusion, here are some ideas that will lead you to the best available options.

Look For Lists

People love writing lists, so use this to your advantage. There are countless articles out there with titles like, "3 Best Joomla Extensions For Your Website." Taking a look at a few of these will give you some great insight. Keep in mind that there is no requirement to use every option that is recommended by a particular reviewer. Having too many extensions is not wise, especially if you have no use for them. After reading several of these lists and taking your personal preferences into account, you should be able to find a few extensions that meet your needs.


Join A Forum Or Two (Or Three!)

There are countless forums out there that are filled with people like you who are seeking information for their Joomla websites. You should definitely browse a few of them in order to see what type of extensions are lauded often. Basically, if you see many people discussing the same ones all of the time, you may want to check them out. There will be some clashing information, so do your best to use your own judgment when deciding what is useful.

Be careful about the sites you join since forums come a dime a dozen. You should focus on those that are popular and well-respected in the online community. It would be a mistake to find one that appeared out of nowhere, is run by some unknown entity and is possibly there for reasons that may not be as innocent as it initially seems.


Read Blogs

Another thing that is popular these days is blogging. Everyone from business owners to little old grandmothers is using the Internet to connect with others. It is wise to stay informed, so look for blogs that are written by those who have Joomla sites. This is a place where you are likely to find great tops on extensions to use. It is an even better idea to focus on those that are written by people who are considered experts in the industry. They are most likely to get all of the latest information before everyone else, which means that you will be able to stay in the loop as long as you follow them.

It is important for people who create websites to add elements that will help boost UX and make things pleasant for all. If you are unsure of which extensions to add to your Joomla site, this advice should help you find places that will lead you in the right direction.