Both Joomla and WordPress offer fantastic ways in which to create outstanding websites. Both these systems are regarded as content-management systems and both are expandable with the use of plugins that can be found easily on the web. These systems also both use templates and themes to alter the look of a website and both also offer a way to be installed on your own personal server, which means there is the absence of specific subscriptions and hosts that you have to deal with. Even the costs associated with ownership happen to be similar. These are both free with Joomla under GNU Public License and WordPress under GPLv2 license. In addition, both these system offer active communities which assist in support, building and designing with their favored systems.

Joomla and WordPress have just as may differences as they do similarities. Here is what makes these two systems different and a way to help you make a decision on which one will suit you best.

About WordPress And Who Is It Suitable For?

WordPress happens to the more popular CMS. At is very core, WordPress is described as a type of blogging system. However, you as the user are not just limited to blogs as you are able to create websites along with static pages. This is a fantastic platform for a beginner.

About Joomla And Who Is It Suitable For?

Joomla is recognized as a very powerful CMS and is fantastic for building a variety of website types that includes blogs, schools, non-profit, government, corporate and business. Beginners may have difficulties using this system in regards to the complexity in association to its structure.

Templates And Themes

Both these systems have the abilities to change their layouts and looks easily in the way of using templates and themes.


There are over 3023 themes featured in the WordPress Themes Directory. In addition, a simple Google search will return more than 31.5 million results. However, not all these results will be themes, but with the countless choices, you will most likely find something that you will like. There is a variety of premium and free themes for WordPress and these themes are simple to find in WordPress by searching within the Themes Tab. These are installed with ease by uploading from a URL or your computer or clicking on a button. You are also able to edit these themes using the Themes Editor.


Joomla features 2 template types: the backend and frontend. Joomla does not feature template directories but using a Google Search "Joomla templates" will offer you with more than 16 million results. Not all of these will be templates so it is hard to say a number of templates that are available. Most templates are from 3rd party developers and the majority of these are free. Once you find the theme you prefer, you are able to upload them into your theme directory and then select it as your Default. You are able to edit these templates using the Template Manager.


Both these systems offer loads of premium and free templates and themes. You can create just about any type of website that you desire when using either of these systems.